Self-Love & Real Pictures

So, I didn’t want to post this picture initially because of two things:

  1. My awkward divorced toes.
  2. The rolls my stomach makes when I sit down.

But ya know what? Here it is. A lot of pictures consist of people in their best angles and poses because that’s what they want others to see. That’s all social media is about really. But I’m doing something that I’ve been hesitant to do before: to be real. “Tummy rolls” are COMPLETELY NATURAL. Fat in our body is ESSENTIAL. And to be honest, they’re kinda fun to play with. On the other hand, my toes were tensed up because I was trying to keep my balance sitting and was somewhat in not the most comfy position. But I don’t need to justify my body for naturally doing its own thing.

We spend so much time thinking about our insecurities, what’s wrong with how we look, and what others think of us, that we dismiss what’s actually great. I freaking love the background & the clear waters in this photo. In regards to me, well… you can’t really see it but I have developed more self-love recently. I’m starting to really love my body, despite previously hating to look at the mirror. It’s still a work in progress, but I have mitigated thinking about what others may negatively say about my body, because they do not define me as a person, and certainly NO ONE knows it and what it has gone through like I do. I go to bed happy and wake up happy. If you don’t feel the same, then don’t be afraid to talk to a close friend, or slowly change your outlook on life into a more positive one.

Sooooo… here’s to spreading more self-love, tummy rolls, real angles, and awkward body parts/poses in pictures.
Wishing you a wonderful day,



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