What Does it Mean to Be Tanya?

​First of all, let me start off by saying: being Tanya is not an easy job to do.

For many years, I have strived to give myself in all the things and activities that I do. I believe that joining activities is not the most difficult part, but it is committing yourself. We all want to be part of something: part of a team, a project, someone’s life. But sometimes, mid-way, we forget why we want to be part of it. We forget our reason and passion that ignited in us in the beginning. It is not our fault that we forgot it, because at one point, we do get tired. However, it becomes our fault when we have lost it. Because losing it means that you have somewhat decided to stop… that you have allowed yourself to lose what was once in you and that you have chosen to discontinue your journey. Forgetting does not mean losing, just like resting does not mean stopping. We need to be able to remind ourselves why we wanted to be part of or commit to something in the first place.

Our inner passions that erupted in us,
Our excitement to start something,
Our desire to be something.

Giving your all is not an immensely simple task to do.  It is exceptionally demanding, as it requires time, energy, passion, and will. These are found inside everyone, but you are in charge of how you let them manifest. I push myself to be the best version I can be everyday, and to give 110% into everything I do. Falling short is something that I do not like performing, but sometimes it is inevitable as when we keep forcing ourselves, our bodies get tired. However, it is in this case that we simply rest. It is in this rest that we calm down, piece ourselves back together, and remind ourselves what our initiative and motivation is, in order to regain our strength. Once that is done, we can resume the peregrination ahead of us called Life.

Being Tanya is definitely one of the hardest responsibilities I have ever had to execute. And I’m not even done. There’s a long road ahead of me, a long road that I cannot see, but one thing is for sure: when I go forward, I do not want to turn back. I have always wanted to make a difference in this world. But I know that all things big have started small. Just like we are all made of atoms, just like an Oak tree used to be a seed, just like a house used to be a brick. However, that does not mean the smallest of things are unnecessary; what it does mean is that they are vital for larger things to form.


— wow this post was pretty deep  —




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