TNT: Boxing

A new initialism I’m going to use are TNTs, which stands for: Trying New Things.

This month, I have become a member in a “gym” (although it’s not really a gym because it’s mainly for muay thai and boxing) and have a boxing coach. And let me tell you: never have I ever felt so sore in the past 6 months.

It feels really good to have a coach again; someone that motivates you, tracks your movement, and tries to encourage you to push through. I initially wanted to start boxing because I thought it would be good for me; for defence and fitness. I’ve only really gone to the gym or executed at-home workouts, so for the first time, I’m actually doing something that makes me think less of the “fat I’m burning” (more on this topic on another post), and actually enjoy what I’m doing.

Boxing requires a lot of focus, strength, endurance, hand-eye coordination, and much more. Thing is, I’ve only started this week so I can’t say the entirety of its effect on me and what I’ve learned from it.

The day after my second day of boxing (aka today), my whole body, I mean MY WHOLE BODY (especially my back and arms) were sore. I decided to listen to my body, one thing I’m working on, and make it an active rest day. Tomorrow, I’ll continue with an early boxing workout, which surprisingly, is something I’m looking forward to.

The feeling of becoming stronger makes me feel so happy, and this contributes to developing more self love.




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