I’m Blogging?!


My name is Tanya, and this summer — I’m starting something new (which you’ve probably already guessed): blogging. I have always liked writing, and since it’s the summer and I’m practically down to try new things, I’ve decided to “up” my writing game and share with you my journey. I’m new to this, but I sincerely hope some of my stories are relatable to some people, or can help others in various aspects.

During my first year in University, I’d constantly write to my parents about my experiences, and since I’m home now for the summer, I thought I’d start writing to potentially someone out there that’ll read my blog (and perhaps enjoy it?).

We’re only half way through 2017, but this was definitely a life-changing year. Not because of events that have impacted me, but because of how I have started to develop more self-love (with a lot of ups and downs) and began focusing on how to become a better version of myself.

So, why is “Rich Fluxing Life” my domain name? Well, one thing that is always constant is change. Whether in making up my mind, my body, my desires, the things that are happening around me — everything continues to fluctuate (“flux”). I try my best to practise positivity, and that’s where being “rich” comes in.

No, I am not wealthy in terms of money, but I am in terms of friends, family, love, and happiness. I value the intangible things in life much greater than the tangible ones (… although I do love me some food & stationary).

So, do continue to read if you’d like to know more about me as a traveller, student, life-learner, gastronomic lover, and health supporter.


Much love,



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